Monday, July 30, 2012

My Bead Soup Arrived Today!!

It took 4 weeks for this parcel to get here.
We really thought it wasn't coming. 
So we moved our reveal date 
to the last one on August 28th.
Sarah is so generous.
She sent a second soup mix just a few days ago.
No worries Sarah I'll send you a second one as well.
So here are the Contents...
A lovely card along with 
Bead Soup
(it's in the blue pouch)
The rest are yummy bonus items.
Large silver rings
Silk Cocoons
Dyed Magnesite
Faceted Carnelian
And Peach tea bag.
Here is the bead soup ingredients
I get to cook with.
Amethyst nuggets 

Handmade lampwork Art bead focal ~ 
Purple Cotton cord
Purple glass rounds
Silver toggle
Silver magnetic clasp
and a pack of amethyst glass hex beads.

I just love it!
Thank You so much Sarah!!!

1 comment:

Pookledo said...

I still can't beleive it took so long to get to you but still got there!

I'm really glad it did though. Phew!