Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long Distance Collaboration

About the same time I sent my bead soup 
I also sent out beads to my Mom.
She likes to do what I don't. 
And she is quite good at it!
Here are just some of the beauties 
she has made for me recently.
I send her the beads  and clasp and 
she makes them up for me. 
I have to say this pattern is wonderful 
and these bracelets feel like liquid silk on.

We are now working on this one with
 the recent batch of beads I sent.
I'm leaning toward the the 9 cube formation
 as apposed to the block of 12.
Either way I like the earthy look this has.
Oh and the long distant part is that she lives in 
Florida while I'm living here in Michigan.
Thank Goodness for Skype.
And for a very talented Mom!

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Beedeebabee said...

What talented girls you both are! Your jewelry creations are all so lovely. How wonderful that you create together! xo