Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wonderfully Blessed

A couple of months ago I found
 this fantastic bracelet on line. 
I'm not sure who the originator is
So If some one knows please let me know 
so I may give them credit.
Showed it to my Mom,
 who likes to do bead weaving. 
She has enough experience and talent
 to figure things out.
 She likes a good puzzle.
This is what she made with the beads I sent.
We went with the silver beads since I had the clasp. 
and black o rings and bugle beads
 since I had those too.
Looks great on and I love how it turned out.
Another great collaboration.
I also received a medium size USPS box full of
craft and bead goodies from her.
Then about a week later my Mom's friend Kay s
sent me some more bead goodness.
Thank You Both So Much!
I really do feel blessed!

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