Saturday, November 21, 2015

November ABS Challenge

 Autumn Flowers
By  Marguerite Zorach 
Was this months challenge inspiration for more details 
about the challenge and the artist check out this link.
I had a lot of fun playing with this color palate.
Doing my best to mimic the leaves and the colors.
Got the tools out to saw off the key to turn it into a link. 
Got the drill out to make another hole.
 I had to re-enamel the key link since the heat created 
by my drilling melted my first time enameling it.
No biggy.


Chase NoFace said...

Looks great to me!

Terri said...

Thank You!

Shaiha said...

What a great bracelet!

Terri said...

Thanks So much, Shaiha.

Katherine Thompson said...

Hey there just to let you know chase no face is Simone whihe was really me! I love your bracelets they are always special!

Terri said...

I thought it might be that way...thanks for confirming because I wasn't 100% sure. Hope Simone likes her blog. And I'm So glad you like the bracelet. You know bracelets are still my favorite to make!

gloria allen said...

I love that Bracelets are your favorite pieces to make. You always create beautiful Arm Candy.