Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Chunky Bead Challenge

Using what I refer to as "K"Beads
(beads that were gifted to me by Kay,
 my Mom's friend.)
I have asked Katherine T.
to join me in a Chunky Challenge
using these beads.
We can paint them, stain them,
alter them any way we want.
Before and After.
And pair them up with anything we want.
Here is a sneak peak to 
what I might be using.
But we have to use those "K"  beads.
So check back at the end of the month
if you'd like to see what we come up with!

Do you have some Chunky beads in your
Bead Stash?
Ya wanna play along...
The link below will list your blog
and we will come over to visit to see
what you have created for this challenge.
Add your link when you are done...
or wait till the end of the moth.
It is up to you.
Feb 29th

Thanks for wanting to play along


Lori Anderson said...

Am I missing the reveal date? Or did I miss the event entirely? Can you message me?

Terri said...

Sorry I see I needed to add more I updated the post.