Saturday, April 10, 2021

Bead Soup Swap 2021

What to do when you were gifted this fabulous  
Beaded embroidered Owl?
Jodie Marshall is an outstanding bead artist.
From her lampwork beads to her beaded embroidery.
Amazing !
I wanted it to balance and compliment the size of the owl.
In my mind it needed what I did to have  
a certain amount of heft.
I wanted it to lay high on the neckline so it 
would not bounce around like a longer necklace would.
Multiple chains came to mind. 
But once you add the focal it would pull it down.
Not the look I was going for. 
I wanted it to keep a slight curve. 
Then I thought I could make a simple wire bail.
Then the aha moment came ....
Wire wrapped the beads on the bail.
Simple and clean.
So what to do with the beaded chains
 I had created.
Make a coordinating bracelet & earrings with beads 
from the bead soup that was sent 
and my stash.
Lampwork beads are from 
The Beaded Gift 
and other lampwork miscellaneous beads 
from my stash.

S.S. Leaf Toggle
I used two of Jodie’s small misty green
 lampwork spacer beads.
I think my beads were just waiting 
for her beads and beautiful toggle clasp 
to make this bracelet complete.
Inspired by some earring pins I found on Pinterest.
Did not see a necklace version. 
So that’s what I chose to do.
Using Jodie’s copper focal ring and miscellaneous 
Chezh glass beads.
 I did some wire wrapping and beaded chain.
Using Jodie’s heart lampwork bead 
I paired it with emerald and clear rondel crystals
Swarovski Triangle Crystal and setting
And a soldered drop crystal.
I made the simple loop beaded long chain.
Miscellaneous orange Chezh glass beads and Jodie’s 
orange spacer lampwork beads.
Grace lampwork beads paired Jodie Marshall’s 
black spacer lampwork beads.

Thank You to my awesome swap partner.
Jodie Marshall!
I just loved what you sent me. 
And I have some items left. 
I have a few ideas rolling around in my head for them.
Link to Jodie’s FB Page.

Thank you Lori Anderson for hosting this swap. 
Knowing what I know about you...You put so much 
heart and soul in to this.
Please rest up when you can.

Link for list of participants: 

For visiting and for leaving a kind comment.
I will be visiting you soon.


Lorelei Eurto said...

Oh Wow! That OWL!!! I knew I recognized him, Jodie is making such amazing things right now! You were a lucky recipient! Beautiful pieces, each better than the last. Nice work.

Klassy Joolz said...

Your designs are so wonderful! I love everyone of them! Yummy Bead Soup!

Jill Bradley said...

It’s true you started with a stunning collection of beads and that gorgeous beaded embroidered owl made by Jodi Marshall! Lucky you! But, lucky us to see your artistry come to life in all of these pieces. You elevated the soup beads to a jewelry collection that anyone would enjoy owning. You took on the challenge and I am sure you made Jodie Marshall happy that you brought her owl to life where she will be visible and adored by everyone who meets her.

anafiassa said...

Beautiful work!! Everything is simply gorgeous. :)

SparkleByMonica said...

I am still in awe. Wow! Such beautiful design work. Sparkle on!

Divya said...

The beaded bail is a genius idea to balance the owl and looks great. I love the green necklace - so polished and chic.

CraftyHope said...

OH my word! You made some really amazing pieces. Each and every one of them is just fabulous. I really like the way you worked with the owl and put so much thought into how he would lay. It worked out perfectly! And, your bonus chain made some great additions. All of it is SO GOOD!

Lori Anderson said...

That owl is amazing! I love the flowering focal, too! You did terrific work! Thank you so much for participating!

elisabeth said...

Love the Owl, it's a gorgeous necklace!