Monday, November 17, 2008


Thanks to all the ladies that were able to make it this weekend to the Journal Class inspired by the very talented Jacqueline Sullivan. A woman I respect immensely. So let's not hesitate to give credit where credit is due. And if any one has the opportunity to take a class from her I would encourage you to do so. Thanks to Ilsa for bringing those mini muffins to go along with the breakfast. Yum. I thought it would be nice to make everyone something to eat before we started. That seemed to go over well. I made one of those large party pot's of coffee with my not so famous cinnamon coffee and we were set for the day. Every so often I'd say okay I'm going up for coffee. (we were in my basement) then I'd hear something like "me too.. me too..."
No two journals colors were a like. I love that they were similar yet different. What an amazing group of ladies. Thanks to Deb for taking this picture. Thanks to Therese who shared her paints. I encouraged everyone if they did not have any stencils to visit their local scrapbook stores and pick up what they would like. So they now have a handy dandy palate knife as well as plenty of molding paste to create more journals or what ever thier creative hearts desire.


Debra said...

Hmmm, this picture looks familiar, oh where have I seen it???? Hahahahaha. Nice job, like the border does it mean we are all going to Italy now?? Thanks for the fun day Terri

Terri said...

Ok you caught me....I wish... A trip to Europe sounds wonderful. And you are so Welcome.