Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Serene Green

Chip and I sent this bouquet of flowers to my mom who had a really bad month. This is the picture she sent to me. And is now some what altered. Hey, it's what I do. Oct 13th she fell and this is what she wrote me about that..

Well another few people found out today that when I fall I melt. Kay and I were at Olive Garden for lunch after going to Joann's to look at beads etc. As I was going out to the car I slipped on something and down I went. Twisted my knee and bruised my shoulder. So far just some soreness and a few twinges. Kay could not believe it. She was still at the table and didn't hear a thing. She wondered if anything ever upsets me. I told her yes but not in public.The staff hurried to help me and were very nice. The manager told me to let them know if I needed any medical help and they would take care of it. I am having a hard time sitting in one place too long and it is not comfortable to lay down So much for a good sleep tonight. I will let you know if there is anything wrong.
I have a doc apt tomorrow so I will have him check me out.

Then she informs me she has been set up for a cath test and they have to put a stint in...because they found some blockage. I really don't think this is related to the fall but perhaps the fall was in a weird way a help to make a visit to the doctor sooner than normal. I haven't asked her about that I just thought of it now....This is the update I got about the cath test...

I just had a call from the doctor's office letting me know that they have me scheduled for the cath on 11/13 at 8 AM. This makes it easier than waiting til the 21st. I am not sure if I will be staying overnight yet. When I get home I will let you all know.

She has had the procedure done and the surgeons were able to remove the blockage with out having to put in the stint. She was home later that same day. Yeah... she is taking it easy and is doing fine. I don't know about you but that is more than I would want to have to cope with in the span of a month. Your a trooper Mom!


Her Art Nest said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom's accident and other condition. I hope she improves drastically and is soon on the road to recovery!

Debra said...

Loving the flowers and hope your mom is better soon.

Sama said...

Strangely enough the doctor appointment the day after I fell was my yearly checkup and they found that my EKG had a change in it from the year before and that let to all the testing I had done in the next few weeks. Those test results led to the heart cath which showed a very strong heart muscle, very clear arteries and a small blockage starting to form. It was good to have it taken care of and now I just have to take extra meds to stay healthy. Thanks for caring.
I went grocery shopping today and then went to a friends house to play Mahjongg. So am back to normal one week later.