Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Memento

I'll be busy making 18 corsages 7 boutonnieres for a gathering that is planned for May 17th to honor the elderly for their faithful service in the congregation that I attend. Should be a wonderful luncheon with skits and good food. This is my proto type that I came up with. This way they can keep it as a little memento.
So I had to make sure I had enough supplies. Divided up what I got for this project in to separate baggies. That should help me keep organized. I needed it.
Do you think I should cut the "stems" even or should I leave them at their varying lenghts? I 'm leaning toward cutting them. Perhaps on an angle?


Lisa said...

Quite lovely! I like your idea of cutting the stems...older folks might favor something shorter and more traditional for wearing...but sometimes it's hard to make such a call until you're at the end...either way they'll love having them as mementos of the occasion.

Nice new blue blog background!

Terri said...

My friend Therese tried to write this comment:
we tried to blog a comment but it would not go thru----leave the stems like they are because they look freshly cut from the ground per mom, peggy and i-----------------see ya later xo us

So let me say Thanks You for your input Ladies

Her Art Nest said...

I agree with Lisa, by having the stems cut. It seems more finished in a way. Love the colors of the flowers. ~Nance

To Visit My said...

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Debra said...

I don't know. Personally I like the longer stems. Will they ravel if you cut on an angle? However you do it I am sure they will love them they are so pretty!!!

P.S. Did you make one more?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think cutting the stems a bit shorter would be a good idea. But, I'm sure whatever you decide will work out fine.

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