Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Gift From Nancy

For Her Art Nest's 100th post, Nancy awarded these lovely hand knitted purses to several of those who commented on her blog. And this came in the mail yesterday.
Nancy knows I'm A big fan of this peridot green!

She also included this knitted dish cloth and a lovely tag that says:
I knit this dishcloth just for you...
A little thank you gift for all you do...
When you're washing all your dishes...
Use this cloth made with loving stitches.
Check out this botanical lining. Perfect in every detail.
One soft strand of yarn, once just a strand is now
in the hand of the knitter made in to a useful object.

Oh and if you could only smell how fragrant this is too.
For some details on how she did that visit : "It's All Good"
Deb also was a recipient of Nancy's 100th Post Giveaway.
And this little birdie says that Nancy will soon be selling some of her handy work.
Please feel free to visit Nancy at : "Her Art Nest"
to see all sorts of work this very talented lady does.

Thank You So Much Nancy!


whymsicalmusings said...

Isn't Nancy just the sweetest person!

How awsome for you:)

Pretty Things said...

So pretty!!!!

Lynn said...

Woo hooooooo, lucky you Terri :) I love that green too.

minnamarika said...

What a cute little purse have you got!!! Congratulations Terri!! I also visited to Nancy's blog and saw that georgeus little bird of yours. I just love it!! So artistic and very chic!! Beautiful work Terry!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bag! Love the green...