Friday, June 19, 2009

Umbrella, Umbrella Who Has My...

Umbrella? Oh, there it is... on our Roof! I should of looked there first. Instead I looked in the trees, in the neighbors yard, in a crop field, Imagining that it popped open and flew over there. Nope. So then I looked in our backyard and in our front yard. Didn't see it there either. I so didn't want to tell Chip (DH) since this is the 4th one I've had over the last couple of years. I seem to go through them like toilet paper. It wasn't until we left to go out for breakfast that I happened to look back at the house and there it was just laying on the roof. Then I told him..."Oh there it is."... "What?'... "Our Umbrella." ...."Oh, I didn't even know that it was missing." Typical. He wasn't that mad but grumbled later when we retrieved it from the roof.
How did it get there you ask?

Well, we had a wicked storm this morning. My cat woke me up. She can be quite the talker. This wasn't a "I want food" cry really. And not a "I want to be let out side" meow. It was more "You need to get in the basement with me Now!" cry. The kitchen lights flickered on and off then... poof... no lights. I looked out the window I could see the winds just whipping the willow tree back and forth and every which way. Poor thing she really hates storms. So I tried to calm her down. After the Storm had passed you should of seen the mess willow branches left every the neighbors yard, up in the pine tree's boughs and on the garage. Our burn pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Since our phone is now connected with the cable we had no phone service. Only to find out both of our cell phones were in desperate need of being charged. Later I went to take these photos of the (m.i.a.) Umbrella. Icing on the cake... the battery for my camera died and that needed to be charged up as well. My spare camera battery needed charging up too. My goodness we are so dependant on these things. But I did manage the two shots before it died. And when it got some juice I took the next two photos.

I'm just grateful the basement didn't flood. So after 6 1/2 hours with out power. Our electricity has now been restored. Yeah Power!


Lynn said...

OOOOOO I simply LOVE a good storm!!

Beckie Holso said...

We get some crazy wind here, too. I love exciting weather!

ANULAL said...

Nice to hear your Storm story. Really dangerous, but exciting! Don't go under the willow tree when it is storm. After all I got another favor, I saw, somebody else, from your place, other than your cat and you,; the tree....
Have a nice time, Tia.

Le_Vintage said...

Hey hon thanks for you're interest in the swap, I'm actually updating that every time we get a new participant so there are still 3 slots open and you just got one! heheh =]

I'll be emailing the details for the Marie Antoinette swap shortly so keep an eye out

Le Vintage

nancy said...

hey Terri, you have been selected from my followers list to recieve a RAK gift
please send my your snail mail addy, thanks nancy

Pretty Things said...

Oh wow! That reminds of two things. One was today -- having to leave a craft show early and tearing down my tent and displays with 30mph winds and rain.

The other was our porch umbrella. It was the day after the Va Tech shootings (Rick's oldest was in the building next door and we couldn't get in touch with him for hours). We had a storm that night, and the umbrella had snapped and completely shattered the huge glass table.

We both looked at it, neither of us upset, and realized, glass tables could be replaced, but people couldn't.