Sunday, April 24, 2011


This week "Creative Friday" was at Deb's.
I brought over blank 
4 x 4 Pillowed tumbled marble tiles
to make stamped coasters.
 I was gifted with an 
adorable soldered pebble charm
which says
"Not playing with a full deck" 
and on the back it says
" Out to Lunch"
She has similar ones for sale and can do custom orders
Just contact her through her blog.
She also knows I'm a fan of the olive green ...
so she gifted me this fun necklace as well.
I used some of my Magenta stamps. 
We baked our tile cookies for really really long time.
Okay we forgot about them. 
No real harm done.

Now for the projects below all supplies were supplied
By Deb.
I think she was getting back at me for 
giving her all the supplies to make the dress form tag
that we did last week.
We are just so cruel to each other.
Normally we don't do that we usually bring our 
own supplies for what ever we are working on.
Deb recently purchased the 
Sizzix match box die from SU!
(There is talk of her hosting 
a small match box themed swap)
She also got this petal box die.
Mine was filled with almond Hershey kisses!
Not pictured here.
Seriously, how long did you think 
those were gonna last?
Thanks Deb for the gifts and the project gifts.
And the Yummy dinner and the Sushi!


Caroline said...

Wow... did not know that ther is a die for the matchbox... lovely work as always. Sounds like you both had tons of fun.

Hope you don't mind that I have awarded your blog... you can see it in my last post.

Happy Sunday!

ANGIE said...

Hi Terri. All the creations and your beads are beautiful. Congratulations on your award. Now....back to that candy!