Saturday, April 2, 2011

Purple Heart Necklace

I inherited this purple stone heart from Caroline 
from a recent swap we did..
Thanks Caroline!
Which I've turned into the pendant you see here.

Accenting it with a silver bead cap, charm and head pin .
I also tucked a  Swarovski  rondelle crystal 
into the bead cap .
You can only see it from certain angles.
Yesterday was another 
Creative Friday this time over at Deb's.
We decided on jewelry making.
I brought everything I have.
A rolling tote full and my husbands old fishing tool box. 
Which I claimed for my beads.
So I worked on finishing the necklace.
This is what I ended up with.
and a coordinating pair of earrings.

Deb has a treasure box of old jewelry 
that we sorted through. 
Some ended up in the circular bin 
and others were set aside for future ideas 
and projects.
Thanks Deb for having me over. 
It really was another fun day!


ANULAL said...

Jaw dropping. Looks straight out of a fairy tale. Just great. A Million Dollar one.
Your ME HO :)

Pretty Things said...


Caroline said...

Wow Terri, the necklace is just wonderful!! I'm glad it was in your parcel...I knew you would know what to do with the heart. You are a true artist!

Lynn said...

Beautiful jewelry design Terri :)

ANGIE said...

Hi Terri. Your necklace and earrings are stunning! I love all the details that make it so feminine and I especially love the purple colors you used.

Hope you have a wonderful weeek, my friend.