Sunday, April 22, 2012


Beautiful Poppy painting by Georgia O'Keeffe

Vintage Modcloth Poppy Dress

Poppy Necklace:
Re-purposed vintage earring and 
some of the gifted Fire Mts. beads from Kay. 
Assembled by me.


Lynn said...

Hi Terri, thank you for visiting me, it's good to be back to blogging :)
I am in love with poppies, hope to plant some this year. I have also tried my hand at painting them, wish they looked like the beauties here.

Lawdamercy Mama said...

Hi ThereI really like your blog. You have a lot of great ideas. i just started a blog myself and would like to invite you to follow me as well.
Take Care,

Sara said...

dont you just love poppys, such a cheery flower hugs Sara

Anu Lal said...

Colorful! I liked the dress! WOW! yea, I know, girly stuff :(

I often wonder why can't boy's think so much color!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I really adore this piece inspired by the poppy.