Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank You Kay!

Two.... count 'em two boxes of Beads!
From Kay and my Mom.
First box came last week from my Mom and Kay
and then
Kay sent me another box of yummy goodness
this week!
Way way Too much to show!
 I figure the best thing will be to mention the use of them
in any of the jewelry I make using them.
So here is the first item I made. A bracelet using the
ceramic red poppy beads, Czech glass beads
and magnetic closer.
The rest were items from my bead stash.
Thanks So Much Kay and Mom!!!


Caroline said...

You lucky girl :) 2 boxes full of beadalicious... I'm sure you are going to have fun with it. Stunning glass beads!

ANULAL said...

so..someone's had a lot of gifts!!!!!!!
Congrats Tia!