Friday, March 7, 2014


Last fall we, my husband and I were able to get away
 to visit 
some friends and family in Florida.
When visiting our dear friends John and Debbie in Delray, 
we took a stroll along the pier.
Where we took home some natural treasures
from the beach.
Among all the shells I saw this one.
It called out to me to pick it up and take it home.
Well, actually Chip picked it up because he 
was on the beach and 
I was still on the pier looking down.
Tonight I decided it was time to make 
something with it.
I also decided  it was a good time to use the 
Green Girl puffer fish.
I guess I'm really longing for the 
warmer days of summer.


Louise said...

What a unique shell! and I love the beads that you used with it. The green girl pewter is a fantastic counterpoint to the sandy tones.

Terri said...

Thanks, Louise. I got those beads at a gem show. They are a faceted moonstone. I got one stand that is all the white shade and another with the variations. It reminded be of sand...on a larger scale of course. (Smile)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a fabulous find! And the puffer fish is perfect-how could you NOT use it right!?! Lovely tender colors too. Beautiful blog Terri:)

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Oh, you've created a wonderful piece with that shell. Ni also love creating Jewelry out of unique found items.

Shaiha said...

Beautiful necklace and I do have to say that I love your staging for your pics!

Willnnabel said...

This is very pretty. You have been busy