Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Soup is Here!

First off... Tari, took an ordinary box 
and made it a special treasure.
She drew one of  her delightful birds 
on the box.
Then there was this amazing teal fiber.
Now I haven't got into felting...but it looks felt-able.
(Is that even a word...felt-able)
 In the pink pouch was all this 
yummy beady goodness.
A most excellent amazing soup, Tari.
Words can't thank you enough!
I love it!
Now onto the task of designing


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you love it! The fiber is actually wool roving. I figured if you felted you could use it and if you didn't well then it was another "interest" you might add to your list to try in your free time!!:D I mean can a girl have too many-really?

Terri said...

I hear ya! Went on You Tube real quick and I saw a video on how to make felt beads...I may give that a try. Thanks again for this generous bead soup.