Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Darling Dress Template

This free pattern was in the Stamping & Company Magazine the Stampers' Sampler June/July 2006 issue. Or that's when the submitted card for the challenge we published. Anyway I have not particapated in their challenges for some time. I enjoyed playing with this pattern very much and I made several samples but because they didn't have any stamping on them I did not submitt them. Perhaps I'll find them and scan them for a future post and share them with you on this blog.
Udate: Added Photo of the Dress cards for Patti G.


Patti G. said...

Hurray Terri, thank you for sharing this! I was wondering if you got my email and I am thrilled to see this! YOUR dresses on the side of the blog are beautiful! I would LOVE to see some you made.Please do share them!

Pretty Things said...

Those dresses are too cute for words!!! I just don't think I have the artistry to do them justice!

blackmagic228 said...

i love the dress template but i had saw it on another site. but they had copyright on it. and i came upon this say its free dress template. so this one i can use right? because i made my dress version to if you like me to share what i did for my niece. i turn the dress into invitation.