Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Old Paintings of Mine

These two paintings were done in my junior and senior year of high school. The Blue Girl shown here was done with acrylics and was done on my first hand stretched canvas. So once upon a time I knew how to do that. And have not done one since. I also did a water color version of her and submitted it for one of my assignments at the skill center that I was attending for commercial art. A lady was walking by the class room and wanted it so. I did another for her and sold it for $20.00. My first commissioned art piece. I guess you could say this was blue period.
The other one of the little girl in the field of dandelions....I did in oils on a prestreched canvas. I love working in that medium but find I tend to be too impatient with the drying time. I had a habit of giving away my art. So I no longer posses either of these pieces. Only these really bad photos of them.


Willnnabel said...

Very Cool Terri. Liking the first one the best. At least you have photos. I didn't take pictures of half my work (or more). Thanks for sharing. Isn't it fun seeing how far you have come? I have to dig out my first oil painting I did when I took my first tole class. I kept it so I could show students that this is where I started.

Her Art Nest said...

That is amazing that you had photos of your artwork from high school. I think I have one from the good old days. Thanks for sharing your work! Hugs, Nan