Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mistakes I've Made A Few

1. Due to my bad spelling ways and no spell check in the comment sections, lack of sleep, being hurried.... I would like to apologise for my misspellings bad grammar etc.
2. If you make the mistake of commenting more than once I will simply delete the duplicated comments. I think I have done the same thing of not being sure if my comment had gone through or not.


Patti G. said...

Terri, I have a question and wanted to email you, but could not find it here! :(
I found you through OWOH and I see this ADORABLE dress card that you have made on your home page on the far right! It is wonderful and I see it was published! DO you have a template that you are willing to share for it? I was inspired when I saw it......and would love to make one if you share your template! Please let me know! Thanks in advance, and I understand if you would rather not as well! Hugs,Patti

Terri said...

Patti that was a free pattern in the Stamington magazine. Go to there site..go to the botton and find and click on tempting templates. I believe you can still get it if not email me at

Hope you come back and read this ...I didn't know how to contact you either.